Welcome to the second Sisu Extreme Enduro CC of history

INVITATION AND ADDITIONAL RULES for international cross country competition, Sisu Extreme Enduro Cross Country, Sunday 20.8.2023.

Organizer: Kyrösjärven-Seudun Moottoripyöräkerho ry (K-SMPK ry)
Race director: Reijo Kivelä
Organizing comittee: Jari Helin +358 40 535 4969, jari@sisuextreme.fi, Reijo Karppinen and Jere Lähteenmäki
Contact person of competitors: Jukka Pylväs +358 50 56 11666, jukka@sisuextreme.fi
Supervisor: Pasi Kaukolinna
Secretary: Jari Helin
Environmental manager: Markku Niemelä
Technical inspection manager: Ari Stenberg
Jury: Mika Hagren
Media: Jussi Huhtanen, tiedotus@sisuextreme.fi
Photography: Jari Jauni, kuvaus@sisuextreme.fi
Place: At the feet of the slalom slope Ellivuori Ski, Karkunkyläntie 600, 38130 Sastamala, Finland
Classes: General class and team class (2-3 persons).
Registration: Starting fee 85 € / rider. The bottom painted start number sticker plates are included to the starting fee. Online via Finland’s Motor Federation (SML ry) MOTTI service until 22.8.2021 at 24.00. The foreign riders must pay their payment to club’s bank account Kyrösjärven-Seudun Moottoripyöräkerho ry FI19 4503 0010 4807 41. Reference text: Sisu Extreme Enduro 2021. You can also pay by cash on race area. Max. 150 riders can start the competition, payment means secured starting place. If driving at team class please do registration: jari@sisuextreme.fi.
License: National cross or enduro license and insurance

Ploloque (qualification): Start at 16.00 and at 18.00 on Friday 27.8.2021. Each rider will run two qualifying heats on an approximately 1 km long track. The times from both heats determine the starting order for Saturday’s main race. If you give up one heat you will be placed last in the heat and a maxium time will be awarded. However a rider can continue the competition. There is also possibility to take part only the Saturday’s main race without proloque. In that case a rider start from the last place to the main race.
Main race: Saturday 28.8.2021 at 11.00 am.
Starting order according to results of Friday’s qualification. Each rider every 10th second.
The track is about 8 km long and contains two checkpoints (is counted into results).
Race time is 4 hours from the first rider start and after 4 hours no one can go out to a new lap.
The respite time to get to the next check point or reach the goal is 1 hour.
To get the result rider has to reach at least one check point during 5 hours.
The course will be announced on Thursday 26.8.2021 at 10.00.
Riders meeting: Qualifying 27.8.2021 at 15.00, Main race 28.8.2021 at 10.00
Timing: Transponders is provided by organizator
Machine: Enduro or Motocross, also non registered motorcycles. Driving license is not required.
Tires: Enduro or Motocross
Rider’s equipment: Including SML’s Cross Country regulations
Technical Inspection: Friday 27.8.2021 from 12.00 to 15.00. Saturday from 8.00 to 9.30. Noise: Max loud 114 db. Race numbers have to be on bike during inspection and competition.
Pit: The closed area permitted only for rider and his/her 2 mechanics. Riding allowed, speed limit 10 km/h. Service and maintenance engine off
Fuel: Will not be provided by the organizer. Refuelling bike shall always take a place on top of an environmental carpet and with engine off
Assistance: All outside assistance on the course is prohibited! Our staff may help in case of emergency. The rider must always perform his own motorcycle and wear a helmet all time at the race track
Track: Marked on both sides with plastic bands where it is needed for riders to stay within the limited area. Where is not marked with plastic band the track must be followed. If a rider goes through a band, the same place must be used to return to the track. It is forbidden to leave the track with the motorcycle. If a rider pull down a plastic band and next rider uses the hole in the track, both riders will become disqualified
Environment: Environment carpet is mandatory on the pit and paddock. The one who not using the environment carpet can be excluded from the competition. Washing motorcycle is generally prohibited on the race area
Price assesment: Most number of laps in the shortest time after 4 hours in the main competition is a winner. Checkpoint time is included in the results
Result list: Will be announced soon after Friday’s qualification at the secretariat on the notice board and on Saturday, when all the riders have finished their race
Protests: Written in accordance with procedurs from SML ry to the race director as soon as possible
Price and awards: Will be awarded 10 best in general class and 3 best in team class. Additionally will be awarded thing prizes for few top riders, for example tires, oils etc. Moreover will be kept a lottery between all the riders.
Responsibility: Riders must know SML’s rules for cross country. All participation happens at your own risk

You are Warmly Welcome to race!